Monday, 4-April-2022

DMG Celos - some small tip

In this topic, will try to give some tips how you can access the Windows 10 part of CELOS user interface used in DMG mori machines along side of Haidenhain NC.
What I mean? If you poke around, probably you already know that there is VNC “remote” access to the Windows 10 computer build in some DMG Mori machines, which control the CELOS side. Yes, but that one has password that they probably didn`t give you.
For me, it was more annoying that the clock on that Windows machine was way off from the TNC640 one. So what now?
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mini CNC project[300×300mm] based on 2020 / 4020 - alum. X-profiles

That is my “redesigned” idea of mini CNC router. All parts where ordered from Aliexpress or Ebay and it was not so much as cost actually.
The project took few months to assemble and to get all parts. The result is quite average but not that bad.
Axis movement is smooth with that rollers, but not very strong in that setup. If you wish to have stronger base, then your design must be with only big V-wheels, made from strong ABS plastic and maybe few of them on each side as the developer from OPEN BUILD make.
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Saturday, 3-August-2019

CNC DG Mori door interlock contactor problem

In that small article will try to show you something that recently I witness and in case use the same machine to be aware of.
What I talk about? That really complicated door interlock. In the “old” machines that was simple contactor with two signals and one lock acutator. Nothing special.
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CAMTOOL CNC V3.3 board issues

So… here is the story. I bought myself that very same cnc shield - CAMTOOL CNC V3.3. Owning for some time in the past woodpecker cnc board. That one look new-ish and more sophisticated(big mistake there), and guided from price at one point and the good feedback from the other bought one from A*liExp**s.
When the board come, and found out that not all is butter and honey, pinky or lovely as advertised.
If you happen to drop on that article, please read the follow to know what to expect.
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Sinumerik 840D Easy - Spiral out-in

Have you get some times to the point, that you like to create nice finish top surface of some cylinder object?
Me to too, so I decide to share code how you can do that in Sinumerik 840D.
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Saturday, 2-December-2017

MG995 and SG90 Servo 3D models

As images show, that are 3D models of full set MG995 / SG90 servo. If you can use STL or IGS files, feel free to download:


download MG995 Servo 3D models.


download SG90 Servo 3D models

Inside are as separate files for all parts shown on the picture. Enjoy!

Monday, 1-May-2017

Add dual fan system to 2.5W cnc laser

Hello reader,
In that article wish to show and share one idea of mine for dual fan system (biturbo ha ha) for my cnc 2.5W laser. That is suitable with probably all hobby laser coolers using 30mm fans and aluminium profile 33×33 mm for cooling. So here we go:
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Woodpecker GRBL CNC Board - Firmware Update

If you own CNC 2418 machine(like me), or just have Woodpecker GRBL CNC Board you can update to GRBL firmware v1.1.
But if you`re “lucky” like me,when try via Arduino IDE, you`ll hit into: “resp. = 0×0d” or similar compiler error. That is because the Atmel chip is without boot loader. Even with Xloader you`ll hit the wall. So then what?
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miniCNC & 3D printer

Good day folks,
Recently I bought myself 3D printer (da Vinci Mini WiFi) and mini CNC 2418 router / laser all in one.

da Vinci

newcnc13.jpg newcnc14.jpg
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Saturday, 9-July-2016

Custom Otside Hexagon - Heidenhain Program

Тhat is my idea of custom HEXAGON creating program. You can change only 2 variables and make your hexagon. The program is demonstrated with end mill 10mm but you can use any size and the program will use Q108(tool offset radius) to calculate position.
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