Ford S-MAX Cabin fan & controller replacement


In that case, the car just in one night “sleep” went from full normal operational mode into no fan situation.
The motor control was suspected, and actually cause the malfunction.
In few words, the automatic A/C system control unit drive the fan speed via strong, cooled transistors. Nothing so unusual here. And what might be in the magic box? well… that one:

s_max_blow_12.jpg s_max_blow_11.jpg

Car was left hand drive, and blower need to be taken out via the glove box, first because is old and need to be inspected (why not replaced) and second because is easy to pull out the controller.

And here is how (click on the images to get them bigger)

Side panel removing:


Glove box remove (the right decorative panel must be unclipped,and also bare in mind that there are 3 bolts M8 that keep from inside)


Unplug the flap motor connector, and undo them three screws what keep the part in place:


Now from the driver`s side must be removed the gas pedal and both plugs (motor / controller) released


That done, there is small lock pin that you need to force and rotate anti clock direction:


When the motor is pulled out, is the “real deal”… How to take the controller out.


It is located on quite bad position:


and despite what the manual say, I found out that using micro ratchet and lot of patience I can get both screws undone.
Both blue arrows show the screw location (but they are from driver`s side) , the red ring is some cabin dome that give extra level of difficult, and in few short words - your hand goes from glovebox side and twist to get to that two screws.
Also, starting from the “right ear” (straight one) is preferable..

Fitting is in reverse as you probably guess already .. Good luck!

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