Friday, 1-July-2022

BOOM BOX - custom made Bluetooth Speaker

There are many ways to build own Bluetooth custom speaker box, and here in that article is my first attempt.
Used in the project:
- MDF 6 and 9mm
- full range speakers: 50mm@15W, twiters: 2cm@3W, bass: 9cm@35W
- amplifier , Milwaukee M18 battery holder, some wires …
- fun…

boom_box_1.jpg boom_box_2.jpg
boom_box_3.jpg boom_box_4.jpg
boom_box_5.jpg boom_box_6.jpg
boom_box_7.jpg boom_box_8.jpg
boom_box_9.jpg boom_box_10.jpg
boom_box_11.jpg boom_box_12.jpg
boom_box_13.jpg boom_box_14.jpg

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