DELL 14” LCD backlight fix

That screen was “dead” by meaning there was no back light. Actually, if you plug some signal to it and start, the monitor has backlight for few seconds and then - nada. Interesting, it has 2 lamps and dual controller but both lamp was tight to the one of the channels. Anyway, what my DIY fix was: remove one SMD transistor, and solder new one.
Extendet story - IC backlight controller, send signal to one MOSFET via smd transistor(removed by me). That MOSFET control the power going to the lamp transformers. I solder new transistor to the IC power supply lines. So, when get power to monitor and push ON, that transistor “open” the mosfet and here backlight is on. In that way I lost the dimm function and backlight is always to MAX but for me that is fine, because that screen should be only use for test, or as screen for one CNC project.

vga1.jpg vga2.jpg
vga3.jpg vga4.jpg

RGB LED control via Arduino and BT serial

In that topic will show my first attempt to create R-G-B LED control via timer`s PWM and serial commands based on HC-06 interface hardware and BT serial app for Android. Това е първият ми опит да използвам сериен порт базиран на блутут комуникация между Андроид телефон и ардуино нано. RGB диода се управлява посредством шим базиран на хардуерен таймер

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