Xantia Estate Trunk Cover plastic ends/hooks [FIX]

Hi there,
If you own Xantia Estate perhaps some day you`ll get to the point where that damn plastic ends just break.
Well, option one is to pay 54e for pair and get from Citroen dealer if you still can, or …. 3D print them.
I spend quite some time measuring, CAD modelling and 3D print test, so finally can say have something useful:
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Monday, 1-May-2017

Add dual fan system to 2.5W cnc laser

Hello reader,
In that article wish to show and share one idea of mine for dual fan system (biturbo ha ha) for my cnc 2.5W laser. That is suitable with probably all hobby laser coolers using 30mm fans and aluminium profile 33×33 mm for cooling. So here we go:
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