Bluetooth HC-06 serial car lock unlock

Well.. as you can guess right, I didn`t discover the wheel or the hot water. 021.gif
That is just project for friend, and somehow to try learning something.

The base principal : you add the HC-06 dongle pin and pair it your phone. Start the app and play 080.gif

And here it what I have done:
- change the HC-06 PIN and name. How? Check it: here As you can see from the video down, I have change mine too.
- use some parts as some resistors, Atmel Tiny 85, photo switches..
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Saturday, 9-February-2019

Vag Tacho 2.6-3.01 cable FIX

Because I bought same VAG Tacho clone that last only one start, I will try to give you some “how to..”.
One good place, that I found the needed files was: “digital-kaos.co.uk”
Lets start:
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