Citroen C5 mk1 roof rattle soud - find and fix


In that article will describe my “adventure” of finding the source of annoying sound from the roof rear area. Or at least that was the initial thought about it.
So here is the story: driving below 90km/h (sorry EU driver don`t know how much is in mph) have no impact or showing the trouble unless there was cross wind. Going above 100 or even 110km/h and start small rattling sound from the roof area.
More precise - somewhere above the rear right passenger seat, roof handle. Hope you can imagine the place. If not, then see the rear slot for roof bars and put about 15cm toward the rear. I believe you already get it that I speak for the hatchback version.
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3D printer Anycubic Mega S - some thoughts and mods

I`m one of the many people who bought that new Chinese version of that famous brand.
Right from the box it produce few prints quite well:

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