Monday, 4-July-2022

KIA Ceed 2009 - AUX port issues / fix and how to remove

In that topic will present to you some solution to a case, which some of you may drop on. The AUX port just snap.
One option is to replace only the port (in my case), or just the whole board. In AliExpress that cost about 15e / 18$ , but despite what plan is , here is how you remove all plastics so you can reach the clips, which keep the port holder.
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Friday, 1-July-2022

BOOM BOX - custom made Bluetooth Speaker

There are many ways to build own Bluetooth custom speaker box, and here in that article is my first attempt.
Used in the project:
- MDF 6 and 9mm
- full range speakers: 50mm@15W, twiters: 2cm@3W, bass: 9cm@35W
- amplifier , Milwaukee M18 battery holder, some wires …
- fun…
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