Published by longgo on Monday, 1-January-2001

me_avatar.jpgWho is or why is LONGGO, why LONGGO, Where..?

He-e-e-y take it easy man(or lady), but good questions anyway.

In early 1997 was quite eager to get my share from the internet crowd, and in that very time was my first date with ICQ.

have you remember the joke about it: ICQ = I Seek You 010.gif Well, if you remember the magnetic tape, 1.44” floppy drive, Odigo, mIRC, Trilian then you know what talk about.

And as any other net user, I supposed to develop some “face” for the WEB or in other words - nickname. Without any particular reason I decide it to be LONGGO. Since then, the name just “stuck” with me. Funny or not, but when I “design” my alias, I didn`t know any word in Chinese. Now I know no more than two or maybe three. Good improvement for those many years, what you think?

Why I explain that? Need to fill some crap here.. he he.. Well, no - because around 2006-7, mate of mine said - “Hey do you know that your name actually mean something in Chinese”. Huh.. what, really?! No way.. You`re kidding me

Yeah.. seems, that was true. Am I reborn Chinese guy? Hell no, but I liked the name anyway and for those many years it`s kind of part of my WEB identity. Something like the nickname the kids get in early age from their friends and it get stuck same as old chewing gum from some bench on your trousers. Even you remove the stain, everybody remember it..

Internet and computers - when the first free e-mail services appear in my life I set one, and then second… third..

Later, when free hosting arrived I build my first web page. Damn, it was crap and made with MS office. No jokes here. Even that one is made on the same way.. Just joking, but it was one of the ways to do it for a rookie.

After a while, somehow manage to get understanding little of CSS, HTML, JS, PHP.. C(very basic), how to unplug iron from the wall socket, cook bean, and change bicycle tire. (all after 4th one irrelevant to the topic)

That is quite far from professional use, but come handy when decide to do this and that. Some for friends some for even profit.

With that learned, even manage to do for while some work as part time designer. Maybe now is time to mention that my occupation and education in CNC is really “close” related with PHP and web.. he he.

Unfortunately, as every aspect in professional live it need constant knowledge update.Maybe can say that really need to “set my watch”on daily basis. I didn`t keep so much on track myself to last trends. 028.gif. Still, though I like to check what`s going on. But as you can notice I skip some of my projects of own blog platform, and start to use that nice piece of code here ready as it comes.

Computers - I try to fix, break, use and set since maybe 1995-6 but more confident can say become in what do after year 2000.

Who is Svetoslav Kovachev? - Dude really? Are you blind? Heloooow - that is me,.. Top left corer.. I guess 019.gif

Perhaps now I should explain myself in long rows who am I, when, why.. what.. Sorry, but I`ll skip that “school/facebook diary ” part.

In brief - by profession I`m CNC specialist, and perhaps I should be, if for so many years that is my main occupation.

In love of machinery, tech, electronics, photography, computers and.. so on similar “LEGO” stuff for adults.

I like all aspects of technology and as hobby I try fixing this and that. Will try to share, in that small web space, what I have repair, achieve, broke or just have fun with.

That page will be dedicated to cars, computers, DIY , so if you search for good veal meat recipe.. I`m afraid you`re on wrong part of the universe 044.gif

Enjoy your time here, and welcome on board!