Hyndai Santa Fe - Adding Subwoffer


That is the article, where will show how I make some small cable work to install SUBWoofer in that particular Hyndai Santa Fe.
The initial investigation show that it will be easy just to drill one small hole, but more on that a bit later.
There is some junction point right below the fuel filter. There is huge hole that one plastic shield cover and bunch of wires goes out of the cabin. That`s good, but unfortunately there is also a rubber that must be drilled, then there is a change that cable goes quite low..
In other words I skipped the idea. Instead I mage one hole myself.

The start was to make the short lead from battery to the fuse:


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Sunday, 9-October-2022

KIA Ceed front breaks replace


Replacing front breaks is not some space science , and same apply also here. Nothing fancy, nothing spacial.
The tools you need are:
- 14mm socket (for the moving hub)
- 17mm socket (caliper`s holder)
- 17mm spanner
- some WD40 , steel brush, impact screw driver, torque wrench, copper grease…
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Monday, 4-July-2022

KIA Ceed 2009 - AUX port issues / fix and how to remove

In that topic will present to you some solution to a case, which some of you may drop on. The AUX port just snap.
One option is to replace only the port (in my case), or just the whole board. In AliExpress that cost about 15e / 18$ , but despite what plan is , here is how you remove all plastics so you can reach the clips, which keep the port holder.
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Sunday, 7-November-2021

KIA Ceed - multimedia/maps update - for LG LAN2060EKJD

In that topic will show you how I did update my car`s multimedia system to newest maps and software possible for now. In some websites there are offers that for about 40e / 30£ they will send you download link.. Why should I do that?

Before even start, keep in mind two really important things: that will take quite some time (the actual USB to car transfer) . Maybe about 30-35min at least, and also the engine must run or connect some battery charger so that the car will not go into Energy saving mode. Actually, if you have some long trip, plug the flash drive, select until the process start and you do not need to touch anything anymore and drive. The player will continue to play radio station what you left and meanwhile update.

The PLAYER in question is LG LAN2060EKJD , belong to KIA Ceed model `2014, and it look like that (image on right) radio.jpg

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Ford S-MAX Cabin fan & controller replacement


In that case, the car just in one night “sleep” went from full normal operational mode into no fan situation.
The motor control was suspected, and actually cause the malfunction.
In few words, the automatic A/C system control unit drive the fan speed via strong, cooled transistors. Nothing so unusual here. And what might be in the magic box? well… that one:

s_max_blow_12.jpg s_max_blow_11.jpg

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Kia Ceed wipers issue - fix


The car in that topic is KIA Ceed model 2014 in case I need to be exact. The issue here was related with the wiper`s arm shaft.
And that is how it look:


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Sunday, 6-June-2021

KIA Ceed JD 1.6CRDi - disks and pads replacement

In this article will present you something really casual. How to replace rear pads and disks on KIA Ceed.
That one is with normal handbrake not electric one. So, for it there isn`t anything special, or GDS used.
The theory starts here:
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Volvo V50 1.6 TDCi - alternator replacement

The car in that topic is Volvo V50 1.6 TDCi. The problem: alternator didn`t charge enough, get overheated so and so.
Removing it, is not as bad as sound but get some time.
So,here we go:
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Sunday, 1-November-2020

KIA Ceed 1.6 CRDI 2015 - glow plug replacement

That topic will be dedicated of changing 4pcs, glow plugs in my KIA Ceed 1.6 CRDI.
There isn`t actually nothing so much unusual or special compared to any other car. Just think will be fun to have some shots, and one can see details before start.
Keep in mind that the plugs are from the turbo charger side and is a bit tiny space there so have to be removed some extra parts.
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Sunday, 8-December-2019

Renault Scenic odometer correction - edit 93c56 EEPROM

In that topic will explain how you can edit in case you need your Scenic 2004 odometer.
You can, of course use 3th party service, or some odometer correction software, but if you have some skills, EEPROM programmer and will to play with it, then here is some exercise:


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