Volvo V50 1.6 TDCi - alternator replacement

The car in that topic is Volvo V50 1.6 TDCi. The problem: alternator didn`t charge enough, get overheated so and so.
Removing it, is not as bad as sound but get some time.
So,here we go:
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Sunday, 1-November-2020

KIA Ceed 1.6 CRDI 2015 - glow plug replacement

That topic will be dedicated of changing 4pcs, glow plugs in my KIA Ceed 1.6 CRDI.
There isn`t actually nothing so much unusual or special compared to any other car. Just think will be fun to have some shots, and one can see details before start.
Keep in mind that the plugs are from the turbo charger side and is a bit tiny space there so have to be removed some extra parts.
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Sunday, 8-December-2019

Renault Scenic odometer correction - edit 93c56 EEPROM

In that topic will explain how you can edit in case you need your Scenic 2004 odometer.
You can, of course use 3th party service, or some odometer correction software, but if you have some skills, EEPROM programmer and will to play with it, then here is some exercise:


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Peugeot / Citroen USB BOX 9702.EZ - Citroen C5 mk2 guide



Before starting the explanation part, here is some short info: the test subject is Citroen C5 mk2 (facelift) , radio - RD4. AUX and CD changer activated.
Perhaps, in internet you already found many topics how to set up or update that particular stock MP3 reader made for PSA.
How to connect and activate that module via LEXIA should be available online. Here I`ll try to give some collected information about firmware, and some other tips that maybe can be in some help.
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1.9 TDI-AVQ 03G906016BT / Original software and EGR OFF


Here, you can find original VAG 1.9 TDI AVQ engine EEPROM files.

HW: 0281011761
SW: 1037369568
ECU: 03G906016BT

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Bluetooth GPS sender


Here is the story: I use my cellphone as GPS navigation unit most of the time in my car and unfortunately it GPS chip do not get so fast satellite coverage, or either I need to turn on the 4G network on for fast location.
As “bonus” the back of the phone get hot. Also, sometimes due the navigation process and heat from the car vents phone get fast hot and start loose control.
Next, I try to use my old Nokia LD4W Bluetooth unit and via right GPS sender app my android phone start to work better.
After that, seems become dependent of the battery of that Nokia unit so I bought few parts and create “proper” car GPS sender.
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Monday, 3-June-2019

VW Passat 3B5 : retrofit trip computer and cruise control

In that topic, I will explain what I have done to that Passat 1999 / 1.9TDI. So far to my knowledge same can be done to petrol ones also, but didn`t try it so do not take that manual to be good guide for petrol or any of the new ones as B5.5/B6

What you need for the project:
- car to break
- free time
- and some parts..
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Saturday, 4-May-2019

Mercedes C200 - wiper stalk issue

There are many articles and video about that Mercedes stalk issue, but here is my 5 cent on that topic.
Friend of mine own that kind of german machine and get into same trouble:
- wipers stop work on normal request command adjusted from the stalk, only by watering the windshield create some burst and stop
- indicator switch start to refuse to switch or to disengage after been switched
Well, you need new one or really good old and go ahead:
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VAG 1.6 TDI CAYC engine EGR issue - and perhaps solving..


In that topic will write little about that so much discussed in the internet EGR issues with VAG 1.6 TDI CAYx engine.
How to clean - you can already find lot of topics online. What are the common issues:
- broken plastic wheels in the control unit
- clogged valve
- on the control arm bearing pin get out and limit the move or the bearing itself get bad..
For all that there are plenty materials on the internet.
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KIA Soul - front breaks replacement


That is not so much different than any other car to work on. Few bolts, some spare time and joy to do some repair work with your hands..
Will advice you to use tripod holder and not to trust the hydraulic jack only.
For the job must have 14mm and 17mm socket bits, 17mm spanner, some torque wrench(es), break piston recovery tool and maybe if you wish some tube, keys and DOT4/5 liquid to bleed the breaks..
Just in advance to mention that the socket bits must be exactly hexagon. All that crappy round corners 12 corners can damage the bolts.
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