Citroen C5 mk1 roof rattle soud - find and fix


In that article will describe my “adventure” of finding the source of annoying sound from the roof rear area. Or at least that was the initial thought about it.
So here is the story: driving below 90km/h (sorry EU driver don`t know how much is in mph) have no impact or showing the trouble unless there was cross wind. Going above 100 or even 110km/h and start small rattling sound from the roof area.
More precise - somewhere above the rear right passenger seat, roof handle. Hope you can imagine the place. If not, then see the rear slot for roof bars and put about 15cm toward the rear. I believe you already get it that I speak for the hatchback version.
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Make Xantia`s Clarion radio bit more modern

Maybe like me, you have seen few articles over the internet that explain similar idea what I have done.
Actually, my base intend was to try to crack (somehow) the CD changer input and to add there Bluetooth / AUX function but after few days it come to my mind: why not try to make it over the TAPE place. And as the rest found you can`t just remove the TAPE control. Then, thanks few web forums I follow the guidelines and here below it is the result.
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Peugeot / Citroen USB BOX 9702.EZ - Citroen C5 mk2 guide



Before starting the explanation part, here is some short info: the test subject is Citroen C5 mk2 (facelift) , radio - RD4. AUX and CD changer activated.
Perhaps, in internet you already found many topics how to set up or update that particular stock MP3 reader made for PSA.
How to connect and activate that module via LEXIA should be available online. Here I`ll try to give some collected information about firmware, and some other tips that maybe can be in some help.
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Sunday, 1-September-2019

Citroen C5 II mk2 Air flaps replacement - bad way, but goes..

BG - весия на български тук : http://clubcitroen.b … ic.php?f=179&t=76014

Ok, hello first!
Probably you already have seen many tutorials about that problematic flaps in C5 mk2 / Peugeot 407. In later state PSA decide to replace them with reinforced ones. That`s good. But to remove the old broken ones you have:
option A : remove the whole dashboard, as before that drain the A/C system and some of the engine coolant. or
option B : make the ugly cut and remove them..

First you need the new ones:

flaps_1.jpg flaps_2.jpg
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Xantia Mk2 Ball-joints replacement

That is “my way”(without Sinatra), of changing them ball-joints. Just for the “fun”,there was also CV joint boot.
Probably you already saw in some youtube video, or in forum people using few meters arm and some belts to do the job. Well, that might also be home solution but for sure the torque gun do much better job and there is no need of converting the wheel hub into mummy.
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Xantia tank overfill pipe [fix]

Problem: one day after fuelling to the top, I found out on the parking lot that under the car start forming fuel lake.
Baaad. The problem was that overfill pipe or what ever name it hold :
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Saturday, 5-August-2017

Xsara Mk I - dashboard bulb replacement

Here is short tutorial how to replace dash bulbs on Xsara MK I.
Pull the central vents first. Be careful when pulling the plastic frame around dash and vents. The cabin temperature sensor fan can be pulled easy but hazard lights switch plug can be stubborn.
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Xantia Estate Trunk Cover plastic ends/hooks [FIX]

Hi there,
If you own Xantia Estate perhaps some day you`ll get to the point where that damn plastic ends just break.
Well, option one is to pay 54e for pair and get from Citroen dealer if you still can, or …. 3D print them.
I spend quite some time measuring, CAD modelling and 3D print test, so finally can say have something useful:
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Sunday, 5-February-2017

Xantia Estate - trunk light improvement

BG На български тук:
Hi folks,
Here is my improvement of my Xantia estate trunk light. First i bought COB led panels from ebay. The price including delivery is about 2-2.5$. That`s a deal 073.gif
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Xantia Injector Maintenance

Because in some point my Xantia start to pull some really strange pulsation during acceleration, decide to get it injectors small threat. And how is done:
- pull them out
- get from ebay/aliexpress new O-rings and filters.
- use wood screw to pull the old filter out
- you can use 12V from battery and open the needle for few seconds and spray with cleaner(only if you wish)
- gently hummer the new filter on place(they go really easy)
- add new O-rings
- add small not aggressive to rubber gel/grease (lips vaseline will do the job)
- fit all back. Job done ;)

injector_fix1.jpg injector_fix2.jpg injector_fix3.jpg



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