Saturday, 9-January-2021

SIM800L GSM module + Arduino, my first test


In that part, will try to explain my effort to do some primary test with GSM module SIM800L and arduino Nano.
Yes, in fact there are many ready library, ready tutorials or examples over the internet that show similar projects done. I did not discover the fire for everyone.. just small light for myself.

What was my initial intent?
To make some device that I cans send SMS to, with some commands and when it recognize it send some answer(if requested).
Some of the ready projects you can find request weather station data, or sensor`s data. In my test, it follow just base concept that can be made more complex if need.
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Sunday, 3-January-2021

Raspberry Pi - over voltage protection / Raspberry as “notebook”


Will start with the second part of the title : Raspberry as “notebook”. Well, to be honest it come a bit misleading. It is not close to notebook, or tablet but more as : home DIY pc..
I have some Notebook TFTs at home, and they can be used as screen with proper driver. For that part Aliexpress have quite some offers and I order one HDMI (input) to LDVI driver. It come with control buttons, backlight control board, IR remote and LVDI cable. So far so good. It required 12V power supply of at least 2A. My switchable supply has 12V option with 5A output, and is perfect for the job.
Next in the list was DC-DC step down converter, and again you can buy half kilogram on reasonable price over the internet. When prepare it for mount, the pot I replace with 5.6kOhm resistor and the output was steady 5.1-5.2V, and that is perfect for the Raspberry. [Read More…]


And yet another PS2 SLIM in repair..

EN That article will be dedicated to PS2 laser module repair. Well, repair no but replacement.
If you`re here reading this, maybe you get the same “Disc error” , or “No disc” on your play station 2? Yep, same here. My initial intend was to adjust a bit the variable resistor and give it some new “life” extend but unfortunately it didn`t went as planed.

The problem lie in that part:

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Raspberry Pi4 - NAS my version , and combined with Hamachi and 4G access

There are many articles over the web, how to make use of Raspberry as NAS. Well, here is my story in “color” and hopefully it will help you in your project.

What I bought for that purpose:

  • Raspberry Pi4 / 4Gb ram version - probably 1Gb one will do the job just fine
  • SATA to USB board (mine is from Aliexpress)
  • 5V few ampers power supply (come with the board)
  • some raspberry cooler (probably work well even without it but just in case)


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Sunday, 1-November-2020

Small mod for Voltmeter - Thermometer from Aliexpress

That story is dedicated to modification of small chinese produced voltage thermometer, which main purpose is to be inside the car. As additional option it have 5V charging ability which I think is highly unlikely to be good at.
My intent was to make it a bit more precise and to add some extra capacitors, so that I can measure some voltage drop during the engine start. That voltage drop is based on the fact, that all energy to additional sockets is cut off because of the starter motor need it.
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3D printer Anycubic Mega S - some thoughts and mods

I`m one of the many people who bought that new Chinese version of that famous brand.
Right from the box it produce few prints quite well:

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Sunday, 5-January-2020

Atmel ATTiny85 and mini OLED 128*32px i2c how to..


Have you been searching in internet for that particular combination of OLED screen and controller? Yeah, me too.
And I found some solution that work good for me, and if you like to test it hopefully do the same for you.
Before starting my write up, will kindly suggest you to get the following:

TinyWireM - I2C library , best for Attiny85
You can downloaded it here:

Tiny4kOLED - one really good I2C OLED library, dedicated to 128*32 - SSD1306 module
You can downloaded it here:

LCD Image Converter - that is the best converting ALL IN ONE software
I`ve ever found. And will do most of the work for you. All credits goes to it the developer.
You can downloaded it here: https://www.riuson.c … /lcd-image-converter

- inside the file: Tiny4kOLED.h (from Tiny4kOLED library folder) , find that: #include “Tiny4kOLED_TinyWireM.h” It should be unmarked, and all other with “//” in front
- ATTINY85 SDA/SCL pins are : SDA= D0 (pin5) / SCL=D2(pin7)

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Bluetooth GPS sender


Here is the story: I use my cellphone as GPS navigation unit most of the time in my car and unfortunately it GPS chip do not get so fast satellite coverage, or either I need to turn on the 4G network on for fast location.
As “bonus” the back of the phone get hot. Also, sometimes due the navigation process and heat from the car vents phone get fast hot and start loose control.
Next, I try to use my old Nokia LD4W Bluetooth unit and via right GPS sender app my android phone start to work better.
After that, seems become dependent of the battery of that Nokia unit so I bought few parts and create “proper” car GPS sender.
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VCDS 18 - china clone some fix


You can find plenty information in internet how actually to convert some old VAG cable with Atmel inner IC components into modern version. My problem was, that after ordering one clone from china it start only one time and that was it…
After digging and finding the needed FTD firmware, I try to fix that not running state but it was not possible.
What I mean is, that the FTD programming software see the 93C46 memory as.. blank. I can connect the cable, see it as FTD serial device but that`s all. After I select the right firmware, push - write, it been claimed that software wrote all bytes and after pulling the cable and plug it again.. it is exactly the same..
So, I open the cable and decide to remove the chip.
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Bluetooth HC-06 serial car lock unlock

Well.. as you can guess right, I didn`t discover the wheel or the hot water. 021.gif
That is just project for friend, and somehow to try learning something.

The base principal : you add the HC-06 dongle pin and pair it your phone. Start the app and play 080.gif

And here it what I have done:
- change the HC-06 PIN and name. How? Check it: here As you can see from the video down, I have change mine too.
- use some parts as some resistors, Atmel Tiny 85, photo switches..
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