Philips BT speaker / Sony amp / Nexus 7

What is the story here:
Philips BT speaker: the small charging port-plug seems to have problem with it mainboard contacts. Thin solder iron tip, and job done. To open the speaker, remove the “sweater” , undo the bottom 3 screws and be careful with the small wires.

Nexus 7: After android 6.0.1 update seems the battery control app start acting strange. For while it was showing the right charge but now only 0% is displayed. The reason to open it, was to try to unplug the battery for while. To open it, I used plastic mini craw bar for smartphones. Should use it in the line between the screen and cover.

Sony amp - here the case was - broken positive contact, and burned transistors. Unfortunately OEM sony transistors are kind of expensive, so they were replaced by cheap analogue.