Sunday, 5-February-2017

Xantia Estate - trunk light improvement

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Hi folks,
Here is my improvement of my Xantia estate trunk light. First i bought COB led panels from ebay. The price including delivery is about 2-2.5$. That`s a deal 073.gif

Then, the place I choose was the trunk door hinge covers.

Next in the list was to cut “window” for the cob side only. From the back side of that panel draw guide lines with pencil. Then, use knife and blow torch lighter. The second one was used to make the knife tip really hot(red) and then cut the plastic like butter 010.gif
trunk2.jpg trunk3.jpg

Clear the surface with paint/nail polish remover and use hot silicone to glue on place

And the result is:

The is the the question how to power them. My solution was to connect in parallel of the trunk roof dome. If you wish you can just use some plug instead of the bulb there but I choose to bridge. For that purpose, eject the lamp pins:

Cut small slots for the cable:

Solder the wires:

Fit back in place:

oops, why there are screws you will ask.. Well, somehow that is the “next” of many taking out so I manage to break the holding pins.. When find new one, will be without them screws.

And finally the result: