Citroen C5 mk1 roof rattle soud - find and fix


In that article will describe my “adventure” of finding the source of annoying sound from the roof rear area. Or at least that was the initial thought about it.
So here is the story: driving below 90km/h (sorry EU driver don`t know how much is in mph) have no impact or showing the trouble unless there was cross wind. Going above 100 or even 110km/h and start small rattling sound from the roof area.
More precise - somewhere above the rear right passenger seat, roof handle. Hope you can imagine the place. If not, then see the rear slot for roof bars and put about 15cm toward the rear. I believe you already get it that I speak for the hatchback version.

My initial suspect was that decorative plastic stripe. It is loose, or somehow the gaps leave some air flow to go under and make it vibrate. For that reason I unclip it from the roof and add extra plastic stripe and damping material:

ready_1.jpg ready_2.jpg

Well.. it didn`t help at all. And I move to next step. Cover the gaps to be sure no air is going under and lift the stripe during high speed:


No change. Again going over 110 make that rattling sound. Now, was the time to remove that decoration to be sure it was from it or something else:


And what surprise - same problem same way.. Ok, now what? I use again the tape to cover all places that I suspected:

ready_6.jpg ready_7.jpg

With that tape installed finally the noise dissapear. But which one was the reason?
Next in the list, I remove the tape “A” and try new test run. Still no rattling even around 125km/h. Now, only tape “B” left I peal it off and try again. As you can bet on it, the rattling come again.
After the place found, I open the trunk lid and right on the spot the reason was in front of my eyes:


Now, I`ve had two solution : trying to find the original rubber and try replacing it or make some mods. So, here how it end:

ready_9.jpg ready_10.jpg

In conclusion - in case you hear that odd sound from behind, check that rubber seal even it look is somewhere on top of the roof.
Good luck!

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