Sunday, 1-November-2020

KIA Ceed 1.6 CRDI 2015 - glow plug replacement

That topic will be dedicated of changing 4pcs, glow plugs in my KIA Ceed 1.6 CRDI.
There isn`t actually nothing so much unusual or special compared to any other car. Just think will be fun to have some shots, and one can see details before start.
Keep in mind that the plugs are from the turbo charger side and is a bit tiny space there so have to be removed some extra parts.

First, even before you begin maybe should consider using torque wrench, and some easy removal paste for the fitting part. Well, that if you wish. Anyone have full right to break his car on his way!

Unplug all electric connectors as of the picture below. Also, the ventilation pipe and the turbo control hose like that:


That ready, next in the list is the plastic wire holder. It lay on two hooks with click clamps.
Removing it, one have access to remove them and one extra holder:


That taken out, next you should get unscrewed 3pcs , 12mm head bolts that keep the turbo shield.


That done, remove very carefully the power rail that is kept with small nuts. Once it is done, is the main job. You need 12mm deep socket but on the smallest ratchet. As you will see, the space is quite limited.

kia_glow_plugs_4.jpg kia_glow_plugs_5.jpg

That are strong one body part glow plugs that shouldn`t be an easy to break, but still have to be very careful on the force applied.

kia_glow_plugs_6.jpg kia_glow_plugs_7.jpg

That is the new one, and the special grease to use for easy “next time remove”. Probably you already figure out that the fitting is in reverse order. Just bare in mind that the plugs need to be get to the end stop with 15-20Nm of torque. So you need small torque wrench.
My car is 5 years of age and 127 000km on the dash. The plugs where quite new looking over the screw part. If you have older, and rare replaced is possible to have some squeaks. The should be applied penetrating oil and careful force.
I bought BERU. Think, they are not that bad but all is up to you what to fit.

Good luck!