Volvo V50 1.6 TDCi - alternator replacement

The car in that topic is Volvo V50 1.6 TDCi. The problem: alternator didn`t charge enough, get overheated so and so.
Removing it, is not as bad as sound but get some time.
So,here we go:

- engine cover need to be removed (if still has one)
- next is the throttle body:


* all plugs - disconnected (marked with arrows)
* 3 x M8 - (marked with arrows)
* the clamp bolt (pipe under the throttle body) , (pipe on right)
* there are two more bolts under , see the blue arrows here:


- the body removed, next is the belt tensioner:

* for that, first must be removed the left bolt (over the pulley).
* next, loose a bit the other two.
* using 15mm spanner, fit it on the “L-arm” pull toward you and lock it as on the image above(yellow arrow)

- alternator bolts:


* remove the top alternator bolts, loose the bottom left (blue arrow) and try the right one (red arrow) - they are 16mm size
* after loose the right one (red arrow), remove the left(blue arrow) totally , then unscrew the “red one”
* !! for the “red arrow” you can use only 16mm U-spanner

so, as you see on the follow picture:


that bolt can`t be pulled out unless you remove the DPF filter`s bracket. Anyway, let`s continue.
Now, the alternator can be “dropped” a bit down , but you can`t just pull it out.

- next in the list is the bracket holding the alternator and the oil dip stick


* there are 4 bolts (S10 head) , and one keeping the dip stick


* bolts removed, is one bit extra effort : use crow bar or proper screw driver to “pull” the bracket out of the guides:


All that removed, now pull up the alternator out. Fit the new one on reverse order. Hope it help you.

Good luck!