Sunday, 7-November-2021

KIA Ceed - multimedia/maps update - for LG LAN2060EKJD


In that topic will show you how I did update my car`s multimedia system to newest maps and software possible for now. In some websites there are offers that for about 40e / 30£ they will send you download link.. Why should I do that?

Before even start, keep in mind two really important things: that will take quite some time (the actual USB to car transfer) . Maybe about 30-35min at least, and also the engine must run or connect some battery charger so that the car will not go into Energy saving mode. Actually, if you have some long trip, plug the flash drive, select until the process start and you do not need to touch anything anymore and drive. The player will continue to play radio station what you left and meanwhile update.

The PLAYER in question is LG LAN2060EKJD , belong to KIA Ceed model `2014, and it look like that (image on right) radio.jpg

getting the needed software for PC (maps downloader) can be done here (see the right shot) info_0.jpg
getting the software and installing it are easy. Once all installed, the first start will be a bit slow.

That is the time when it makes some automatic registration. I didn`t write any username or password or anything to get it run. Also, I choose the selected USB model not SD! That is important, because similar looking but with SD card slot exist and I`m quite sure it will not be perfectly suitable.

for me that was odd why it show previous car model on the image, but can`t be sure in what player units been fitted and when info_2.jpg
next, left the selected default download pad as is.. info_3.jpg
here it will show you some info.. info_4.jpg
.. pressing OK to agree and continue.. info_5.jpg
after the downloading process (haven`t made any shot) is over, come the time to select where shall I write that files. Either I should of select “Copy to USB” , and close the program or.. info_6.jpg
.. can open the root folder of that downloaded information and just copy all files to the USB memory stick info_7.jpg
here are the original maps, software and so on versions before the update info_8.jpg
by inserting the USB stick in device switched on, it give me information what are the difereces. I pressed OK info_9.jpg
there come some standard alert, and I`ve pressed “Agree” info_10.jpg
here by pressing Western EU, it supposed to install all Europa country maps, instead Turkey and Russia. So, I selected EU version what I actually need info_11.jpg
here, before I press “Update” I choose “Detail” to be sure my selection was right info_12.jpg
and I got the country list info_13.jpg
after checked is fine, pressed “Back” > “Update” , and come that window: info_14.jpg
few moments later the update progress started >






After, all update processes are ready, it will restart and you can see the new version: info_20.jpginfo_21.jpg
Hope that was useful to you and now you can do it yourself if want.
Good luck!