BOOM BOX 2 - custom made Bluetooth Speaker - NEW verson


Somewhere in the list of topics in my website, I already show one self made battery driven Bluetooth Speaker with proper size.

Well, now is the time to to extend that a bit, and the new build use already two batteries, bigger amplifier and bigger speakers.

The amplifier, once again Chinese and use Bluetooth / 3.5mm jack as input source. The difference with previous one is the missing of SD card / USB reader.

The amplifier itself is based on TDA7498E chip and on paper it will be able to output about 150W@4ohm with 36V of power supply. The bridged mode will be of about 200W.. That is quite a lot for such a small foot print chip but let`s see.

As for the speakers - all are produced by Ground Zero and belong to Iridium Series. The subwoofer is GZIW 165 - 16.5cm / 100W@4ohm and the mixed Midrange with tweeter is GZIF 4.0 - 10cm / 60W@4ohm.

The crossover filter is build to be around 110-120Hz. Should of made it to cover 80-90Hz range but well..

The speaker box was tuned to the specs of the data sheet.


And here is the project:

big_box_1.jpg big_box_2.jpg big_box_3.jpg

big_box_4.jpg big_box_5.jpg big_box_6.jpg

big_box_7.jpg big_box_8.jpg big_box_9.jpg

big_box_10.jpg big_box_11.jpg big_box_12.jpg

big_box_13.jpg big_box_14.jpg big_box_15.jpg