HP Zbook 15 G1 - bios password remove


There is plenty information over internet explaining how to remove password on some 2013 and over HP notebooks but either do not share all files or say from where to get them. So, will try here to explain how I did it on HP Zbook 15 G1 notebook.

The notebook itself have the following data:

- HP Zbook 15 G1

- SKU: D5H42AV

- System config ID: A3009CD10002

- System board: 1909

- Bios version: L70 ver. 01.44

- Bios date: 08/08/2018

- Bios revision: INTEL 2171

Sure, if you get your hands over proper SMC.BIN will be much easy , but I suspect will not be such a luck finding it..

Then you`re left with the same scenario I apply here:

- remove the WINBOND chip:


Have been used heat gun to remove it.

- once removed, I use MiniXPRO-866II programmer to read the content. The chip here was Windbond W25Q128FV SOIC8



Just in case, take few readings and compare them files to each other. If they are identical then special area in the file must be removed:


Of course, is much easy if you use ready tool. And that one is what I use: HP Unlocker

All credits goes to the guy who created. I just present it here for easy use.

Already fixed bios from this case, can be downloaded here: W25Q128FV_SOIC8_unlocked

Next what was left, is to resolder on place the bios chip:


and start editing the settings what was forbidden before!