CNC-router Project II

EN That are only 3D model and rendering of my next project idea of small engraving machine. Hope to build it, and as source for parts my plan - openbulid. That website offer not so expensive parts for that kind of “Lego for adults”

router1.jpg router2.jpg router3.jpg
router4.jpg router5.jpg router6.jpg


KENWOOD car player - control from steering wheel

Hi there,
That DIY is dedicated to Kenwood KDC-6051U or how to use your steering wheel audio control buttons to take control over it.
Based on specs, the unit should accept commands on cable. That sound great, but there is bad news also - there isn`t any info about the protocol used(or at least I can`t find one). On the market there are products(of course from KENWOOD is the first option) that read your steering controls and put necessary codes to the unit. That cost about 60e for the box and 25e for cable in KENOOWD one, and little less for the other brands. That is quite a lot if the whole unit cost 170e.
From what I check on that “communication” cable constantly come +5V. There is no action if I tight it to pot and try different resistance. Well, obviously is not PIONEER/SONY way. My shot in the dark is that they use single wire protocol by pulling to GND that line in certain amount of time to generate start - 0 / 1 - end sequences, but to be sure I have to buy one ready and to check what is doing so it isn`t how will be for now.
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Xantia Mk II odometer

Hi there,
I have no idea if you`ve got to the point when your dash start loose the sane but here is some tip:
When you take the unit out and rip it apart in small corner of it you`ll find IC C46CM6. That is 1KB of memory, seems to be enough to keep the “books” of that odometer ecu. So, now getting your new dash you can de-solder the chip out from the original one, and solder it on the “new”.

odo1.jpg odo2.jpg

And ta-daaa - here is your kilometers back. But there is something else.
In that memory are stored some parameters for the fuel tank,fuel tank arrow and some that clue has only the developer of the unit. In that case I will offer you other road. Again remove it from the board and put it on programmer:


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Xantia XU7JP4 - 1.8 timing belt

EN There are many manuals how to replace that timing belt, but here wish to show my first time on Xantia
Engine is LFY XU7JP4 model 1999-2000 with tension pulley, which is semi automatic with indicator arrow.
! In my case the accessory belt pulley`s bolt(what is mounted on the crank) was really hard to release. I`ve need torque gun for it. Suggest to you to use sam, not try with wrench.
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Peugeot 406 / Xantia window buttons / бутони ел прозорец

Do you have trouble sometimes with your Peugeot 406 electrical windows? Slow going up, or do not go at all? The reason is in the button contacts. Of course you can take the motor out, to clean and grease it. And also to take some care for the window rail to be smooth the movement. With small crew driver pull out the button. Then, carefully take out that gray cover and do not loose the pin. With small pliers take out the spring contact and with file or emery paper clean them. Then fit all in reverse order. Keep in mind that the passenger window power pass via driver`s side button. Take little time and clean all. Is much better. Имали ли сте проблеми с ел. прозорците на Вашето Пежо 406? Бавно и мудно вдигане, или понякога дори да отказват. Причината се намира в патина/нагар по контактите на бутончетата. С малка/ки отверки се изваждат бутончетата и внимателно се отваря сивото капаченце.Просто внимавайте да не загубите малкото пластмасово "чепче" което реално натиска. С малки, подходящи клещички изваждате подвижната пластинка и с шткурка/пиличка зачиствате. След това се сглабя по обратен ред. Ако желаете все пак, можете и да подобрите работата на мотора и механизмът чрез почистване и смазване. Също така, имайте предвид че захранването за пасажерската предна врата минава през бутона на шофьорската врата.

jp1.jpg jp2.jpg
jp3.jpg jp4.jpg

VW Touran rear wiper motor / мотор задна чистачка

Have you wander why the heck your touran rear wiper doesn`t work or work strange. Here is the solution: Open your rear door trim(if it has one) and take the motor out. Then remove the screws keeping the cover and very gently separate it from the main body part. After that with some copper/plastic or metal pipe "kick" out the axle out. Why with pipe? Because in that model, and perhaps not only that, the end of that arm rotating axis is shaped as thin pipe. To provide cleaning liquid for the wiper. Id you hummer it straight you`ll brake it down. So, with hexagon bit from key set, or pipe you`ll hit on the cone part where the arm lock. After that clean every part, add new grease, and with emery paper remove the rust on that very spot visible on the picture. Assemble it in reverse way and you`ll get few years of good use. And watch out for the rubber seals. Чудели ли сте се защо подяволите на вашият тоуран задната чистачка е бавна, запъва или гори бушоните. Ето и решението: Махате кората(ако има такава) на вратата след което сваляте моторчето и го разглабяте. Отделяте внимателно капачето(там са четките). От там тялото с оста почиствате. Самата ос за да извадите с пластмасова тръбичка(или с каквото намерите за добре) чукнете по конусната част където ляга рамото на чистачката а не директно по върха, тъй като там е тръбичка и ще я повредите. След което смазвате, както и внимателно с шткурка зачистване зоната с ръжда. Събирате по обратен ред и си спестявате закупуване на частта за няколко години напред. Внимавайте за гументи О-пръстенчета



Saxo Central Locking Addons

EN Hi folks, friend of mine has Saxo with central locking but unfortunately it doesn`t have any “blinking” or indication of the lock-unlock state. So he ask me if we can do something about it, and if I can add some addition small fade in and out light in front. For the blinking I use direction lights, for the other option - low beam lamps and PWM.Represented here by that small bulbs, first in the video. (that is my solution, if you check on ebay there are quite many central locking units with lot functions. So there you can get 4 button ones, and to add lights on with timer on button)
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Punto mk2 188 ignition key switch ON/OFF radio

How to make the ignition key to switch off the power to the radio Как да направим контактния ключ да гаси касетофона[/b]

My friend`s punto got after market stereo but problem arise. Even switching off from the ignition key it was still with power on. I check some electrical diagrams and found that below: Приятел реши да смени касетофона на своето пунто 2 но се появи проблем - дори при изваден ключ, касетофона си остава включен. Порових малко за схема и намерих тази посочена по-долу:

As you can see the power supply and memory support supply are connected on same red-white wire - pin 4. The original unit has on/off control via blue-yellow cable pin 3. I cut the power cable on pin 7 and use micro relay(found in ebay) as switch, controlled by the pin 3 wire. Както се вижда от схемата, паметта и захранването взимат 12 волта от един и същ червен-бял кабел на пин 4. При оригиналното радио, изключването от контактния ключ се извършва чрез син-жълт кабел на пин 3. Просто срязах кабела към пин 7, и ползвам микро реленце(от ибей) като ключ управлявано от пин 3

fiatradio1.jpg fiatradio2.jpg


Severin Espresso machine

EN - another example how even never used machine can be.. just crap. I bought it as never used as it was. But in some point in the past there have been water inside, so that aluminum boiler tank all the time produce limescale. And i end up buying new one..
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Quiet relay

The story: friend`s bike needed new hazard lights, in the possible easy way. Found the base diagram with 555 in internet and modify it. 1k and 470k are the timer "creating". Feel free to use if need Teoрията: на приятел мотоциклета има нужда от нови мигачи. По възможно най-лесният начин. Намерих подобна проста диаграмка с 555 таймер и модифицирах. Ако ви трябва ползвайте на воля.

relay-quiet1.jpg relay-quiet2.jpg