Xantia II - audio update/s

When I bought my Xantia few years ago, first thing I`ve done was to replace the head unit(old Sony) what previous owner used with Pioneer DEH-1500 and also the OEM speakers with Pioneer combined ones:
The unit choice was because the fact it has wire remote control. In other words - 3.5mm jack and easy way to connect your steering wheel sound control to it.
Replacing resistors on the OEM buttons and small mod on the tracks will give you chance to control your player. Even with that setup the car audio will be just fine.
Well, that was until this year. I decide to give little “boost” to the audio.
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Xantia II - front fog lights

EN one nice day i found that my car`s front fog lights are in bad shape and wasn`t working so much as expected. After replacement come the moment of harness plug problem. So, here is my solution:

Xantia II - additional cabin lights

EN Some of the Xantia models has originally 4 cabin roof lights, but mine was without
So i take 2 front from other old one and decide to make small DIY
Probably you see from the last picture that there was ready installed plug and harness. So, take a look carefully perhaps your have also. If ont, only then apply new cable line for it. Good luck!

Xantia II - Parking sensors

Device is from ebay, and work quite nice. For the price tag I`m more than happy with it.
What to do:
- remove rear bumper: that will cost little effort by removing all screws under rear fenders what keep it(if remember right was 2), inside the trunk, behind box compartment(2×10mm, if remember) and all other visible in the trunk area.
- already removed, you can see ready prepared channels for cables. In my case there was hole under left stop/indicator unit, and from there it goes inside horizontal profile right behind the trunk end. Unfortunately that mean you need to put the unit on left side and pull one wire to right because there is the reverse lamp signal wire, or to put it right side and extend the sensor cables(equally). Or like me.. just to drill hole where you need it 021.gif

So, here is some pictures from the main event:

a2.jpg a4.jpg a8.jpg
a12.jpg a13.jpg a14.jpg

Xantia - Logo door lamps

EN - that is one of the things in Ebay that you can spent money on. HINT - Replace the original controllers with better ones(again from ebay). I manage to almost put in fire my door because of that crappy original ones

Xnatia II Seat repair

EN The casual problem in that saloon fabric become into holes quite easy. Mine was not exception, so i found from UK car passenger`s seat cover and decide to give it try. The only one thing i found as “minus” was that it hasn`t heating carpet. Because the intervention was during summer i wasn`t so eager to buy one.. but i think in next hot weather days i will open again and add.


Xantia II body repair

fix1.jpg fix2.jpg

Fiat Stilo Steering Rack / Рейка

Needed tools:
- keys
- MoSo4 spray or some other with acid and oil for easy take loose rust screws(or coca cola )
- jack and tripods for support the car
- some beers to keep the mood
- aspirin for after repair because you'll hit yourself at least one time
- chewing gum, just to prevent loud swearing
- ключове
- MoSo4 спрей или подобен за лесно развиване
- крик и стойки

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Toshiba Satelite AMD - notebook fix


That machine was lightly overheating, and bad working original Hitachi drive.I haven`t any good experience actually with Hitachi drives, especially with single plate High density ones. But have to admit, i like that small board. Cleaning the fan,new paste and reinstall fix the problems. Opening - remove all screws under, ad gently open from the all side clips - you have all to state seen on the last image. Maшинката леко попретопляше, и имаше лошо работещ оригинален диск Hitachi. С тази марка дискове интересно само проблеми съм имал, особено с тези с голяма плътност на единична плоча. Все пак ми хареса дизайна на платката и размера ?. Отваряне - махат се всички болтчета отдолу, и внимателно се разкопчава панела от щипките. Това е.

Tuesday, 6-January-2015

Sahara Projector - dust remove

That projector was full of dust in the RGB matrix area. Few screws out, air blow, and.. VOILA Toзи проектор бе пълен с прах по матрицата и призмата. Няколко болтчета и обдухване с въздух оправиха нещата