Xantia Mk II odometer

Hi there,
I have no idea if you`ve got to the point when your dash start loose the sane but here is some tip:
When you take the unit out and rip it apart in small corner of it you`ll find IC C46CM6. That is 1KB of memory, seems to be enough to keep the “books” of that odometer ecu. So, now getting your new dash you can de-solder the chip out from the original one, and solder it on the “new”.

odo1.jpg odo2.jpg

And ta-daaa - here is your kilometers back. But there is something else.
In that memory are stored some parameters for the fuel tank,fuel tank arrow and some that clue has only the developer of the unit. In that case I will offer you other road. Again remove it from the board and put it on programmer:


Once you get the content you`ll see: [Read More…]