Bridgeport “Pocket is not up” Alarm

EN - Machine is Bridgeport with vertically tool magazine. Fast check reveal the motor overrun little and one sensor signal get lost. Pocket is physically up, but the control don`t seems to know it. Moving by hand the white teeth wheel little back and alarm gone. [Read More…]

Mazak Variaxis 500 Z axis problem-FIX

EN - If you own, or use Mazak Variaxis 500-5AX maybe hit the wall with one quite strange problem - if you work with Z axis lowered down close or after the table center sometimes you`ve got “overload Z” alarm. In our case was profile tool about 20mm taking no more than 1-2mm. In the time of the problem machine was still under guarantee but replacing servo block, setting lower speed in parameters and so on didn`t bring constant problem remove.
The solution was really strange - just zip tie the back response plug to be sure is not vibrating. I suspect high frequency signal going with error check and small vibration make the contacts to loose grip for ms or something like that.
Anyway, using that small “cheat” and you`ll get rid of the problem (about 8years with no such)
cnc_variax_1.jpg cnc_variax_2.jpg


Audi 100 park - dash - number plate light problem

In this post, will expain about Audi 100, C4 model 1994. It lost park lights, number plate, dash backlight, and.. fog light.
All that was caused actually by single piece of plastic that cost perhaps no more than 0.20e. As you can guess is not for sale separate.

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LIDL Airgun problem[fix]

I bought that Airgun from LIDL maybe year and half ago and recently it.. die. The reason was.. that stupid thermo-fuse (yellow one). Removing it, and clamp the heating wire straight to the same spot where it was and voila - we`re back in business. Преди година и половина закупих от LIDL този пистолет за топъл въздух който реши в един прекрасен момент да издъхне. Оказа се термо бушона. Разкарах го, и стегнах реотана направо на негово място. Все още работи без проблем.


Saturday, 6-February-2016

Samsung GT-S7580 signal FIX

Here, the case was constant loosing signal Samsung GT-S7580:
Fast internet check bring that help:
- full ROM reflash (didn`t do the job)
- or get to the hardware and hacking by that diagram:
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