VDO Marelli Idle motor - test control


Because I start to have some issues with my Xantia`s Idle motor decide to build something what can help me to move the valve piston IN and OUT and test it how it goes. In that way it will be easy to open and clean it, and of course to fit it back.

Used parts are:

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Xantia MkII 1999 - Cabin blower problem[fix]

BG: на български език можете да прочетете тук: http://www.clubcitr … 193&start=1002
There are quite many topics in forums and etc, that give ideas or guides how to fix xantia blower problems. My case unfortunately wasn`t in any of that. Hope my story will be helpful to some of you.
First to clear one thing for the protocol - only if engine is working (alternator signal to the A/C ECU) you can have blower ON.
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