Mercedes Vito: small fuel leak - fix

That item is dedicated to one really tiny problem, that actually cost lot of troubles. The car is van Vito from Mercedes.
the fuel was sprayed somewhere between the intake manifold. And the problem was: loose 6mm hose, and broken return hose.
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Xantia Injector Maintenance

Because in some point my Xantia start to pull some really strange pulsation during acceleration, decide to get it injectors small threat. And how is done:
- pull them out
- get from ebay/aliexpress new O-rings and filters.
- use wood screw to pull the old filter out
- you can use 12V from battery and open the needle for few seconds and spray with cleaner(only if you wish)
- gently hummer the new filter on place(they go really easy)
- add new O-rings
- add small not aggressive to rubber gel/grease (lips vaseline will do the job)
- fit all back. Job done ;)

injector_fix1.jpg injector_fix2.jpg injector_fix3.jpg

Xantia: XU7JP4 - SL96 1.8 idle problem [fix]

- the car suddenly when stay somewhere at idle start rising to over 1200,or lowing below 800 the RPM`s with no reason
- most of that happen only when engine is warm
- the error what ECU log was: “mixture top position”. That registered with LEXIA
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Touran TDI injector seals replace

this topic will be dedicated to Touran 1.9TDI engine type: AVQ. It belong to mate of mine and has some issues with idle and some stall when driving. Some advice are for replacing the injectors loom but also is possible to be some combustion gasses entering in the fuel line due problem with the copper seals.
- First you need to remove the valve cover. Maybe that is time for considering it seal replaced. In that case, have been undone all 10mm screws keepint the cover on place.
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