Ford Fiesta : driver`s door lock fix


Hi there,

In one of this days I drop on to small problem with one fiesta. To be more specific year 2001, driver`s door.

The problem: if you keep the central lock fuse on place door motors run into lock..unlock..lock..unlock mode without stopping. As additional bonus lock barrel do not rotate smooth on both sides. Doh! What I have done? Here:

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Parkside Cordless Drill battery fix


Someone else with Parkside Cordless Drill issues? Well, if the answer of that quiz is YES or NO here is one case that I manage to find easy simple solution for. And hope it will be in some use to you also.

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Android phone control RGB light


That is my second post about that topic, but this time thanks to that wonderful website MIT APP INVENTOR, I do not need to use serial application from others but to have fun building my own. Here is the project:

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MIT App Inventor 2: sniffing 433Mghz commands


Hi folks,

That is one study/project that dare to share in my small web space. It`s based on that remarkable RCSwitch arduino library and MIT App inventor website. So, what`s the story? I have few plip remote units left, working on that 433Mhz frequency. And said: hey, why not to control something with them using arduino..

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Sunday, 3-September-2017

Hyundai Gtez - Brakes replacement [ABS]


Ok, if you drop on that top, you`re searching for how to article I guess. So, here are my few cents in the jar.

What your Hyundai Gtez have you can check here: https://hyundai.cata … ang:en;catalog:eur}

Well, I presume you`re located in some place in Europe. Have no clue is that website work on US/Asia models.

Be carefull because there are Getz models WITH and WITHOUT abs systems. That one was WITH, so the disk, and the drums where different than normal one. But, of course you can remove the wheel and see if there is cable to sensor or not and that will give you the andswer what you need.

The time it cost me all that work was about 3h and I was really lazy, so perhaps for you it will cost maybe 2-2.5h.

What you need:

- socket 12mm (for the caliper hub) , socket 17mm (for the hub bracket) , 10mm socket for the bleeding nipples.

- and other standard things as copper grease, break cleaner, gloves, screw drivers and so on..

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