VCDS 18 - china clone some fix


You can find plenty information in internet how actually to convert some old VAG cable with Atmel inner IC components into modern version. My problem was, that after ordering one clone from china it start only one time and that was it…

After digging and finding the needed FTD firmware, I try to fix that not running state but it was not possible.

What I mean is, that the FTD programming software see the 93C46 memory as.. blank. I can connect the cable, see it as FTD serial device but that`s all. After I select the right firmware, push - write, it been claimed that software wrote all bytes and after pulling the cable and plug it again.. it is exactly the same..

So, I open the cable and decide to remove the chip.

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VAG 1.6 TDI CAYC engine EGR issue - and perhaps solving..



In that topic will write little about that so much discussed in the internet EGR issues with VAG 1.6 TDI CAYx engine.

How to clean - you can already find lot of topics online. What are the common issues:

- broken plastic wheels in the control unit

- clogged valve

- on the control arm bearing pin get out and limit the move or the bearing itself get bad..

For all that there are plenty materials on the internet.

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KIA Soul - front breaks replacement


That is not so much different than any other car to work on. Few bolts, some spare time and joy to do some repair work with your hands..

Will advice you to use tripod holder and not to trust the hydraulic jack only.

For the job must have 14mm and 17mm socket bits, 17mm spanner, some torque wrench(es), break piston recovery tool and maybe if you wish some tube, keys and DOT4/5 liquid to bleed the breaks..

Just in advance to mention that the socket bits must be exactly hexagon. All that crappy round corners 12 corners can damage the bolts.

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KIA Soul parking/reverse camera fog issues



have been many examples of kia`s reverse camera that get foggy. That is one of same examples.

Main reason is the moisture that actually get on top of the sensor and in between the lenses..

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CAMTOOL CNC V3.3 board issues


So… here is the story. I bought myself that very same cnc shield - CAMTOOL CNC V3.3. Owning for some time in the past woodpecker cnc board. That one look new-ish and more sophisticated(big mistake there), and guided from price at one point and the good feedback from the other bought one from A*liExp**s.

When the board come, and found out that not all is butter and honey, pinky or lovely as advertised.

If you happen to drop on that article, please read the follow to know what to expect.

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