And yet another PS2 SLIM in repair..

EN That article will be dedicated to PS2 laser module repair. Well, repair no but replacement.
If you`re here reading this, maybe you get the same “Disc error” , or “No disc” on your play station 2? Yep, same here. My initial intend was to adjust a bit the variable resistor and give it some new “life” extend but unfortunately it didn`t went as planed.

The problem lie in that part:

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Raspberry Pi4 - NAS my version , and combined with Hamachi and 4G access

There are many articles over the web, how to make use of Raspberry as NAS. Well, here is my story in “color” and hopefully it will help you in your project.

What I bought for that purpose:

  • Raspberry Pi4 / 4Gb ram version - probably 1Gb one will do the job just fine
  • SATA to USB board (mine is from Aliexpress)
  • 5V few ampers power supply (come with the board)
  • some raspberry cooler (probably work well even without it but just in case)


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Volvo V50 1.6 TDCi - alternator replacement

The car in that topic is Volvo V50 1.6 TDCi. The problem: alternator didn`t charge enough, get overheated so and so.
Removing it, is not as bad as sound but get some time.
So,here we go:
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Sunday, 1-November-2020

KIA Ceed 1.6 CRDI 2015 - glow plug replacement

That topic will be dedicated of changing 4pcs, glow plugs in my KIA Ceed 1.6 CRDI.
There isn`t actually nothing so much unusual or special compared to any other car. Just think will be fun to have some shots, and one can see details before start.
Keep in mind that the plugs are from the turbo charger side and is a bit tiny space there so have to be removed some extra parts.
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Small mod for Voltmeter - Thermometer from Aliexpress

That story is dedicated to modification of small chinese produced voltage thermometer, which main purpose is to be inside the car. As additional option it have 5V charging ability which I think is highly unlikely to be good at.
My intent was to make it a bit more precise and to add some extra capacitors, so that I can measure some voltage drop during the engine start. That voltage drop is based on the fact, that all energy to additional sockets is cut off because of the starter motor need it.
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Citroen C5 mk1 roof rattle soud - find and fix


In that article will describe my “adventure” of finding the source of annoying sound from the roof rear area. Or at least that was the initial thought about it.
So here is the story: driving below 90km/h (sorry EU driver don`t know how much is in mph) have no impact or showing the trouble unless there was cross wind. Going above 100 or even 110km/h and start small rattling sound from the roof area.
More precise - somewhere above the rear right passenger seat, roof handle. Hope you can imagine the place. If not, then see the rear slot for roof bars and put about 15cm toward the rear. I believe you already get it that I speak for the hatchback version.
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3D printer Anycubic Mega S - some thoughts and mods

I`m one of the many people who bought that new Chinese version of that famous brand.
Right from the box it produce few prints quite well:

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Make Xantia`s Clarion radio bit more modern

Maybe like me, you have seen few articles over the internet that explain similar idea what I have done.
Actually, my base intend was to try to crack (somehow) the CD changer input and to add there Bluetooth / AUX function but after few days it come to my mind: why not try to make it over the TAPE place. And as the rest found you can`t just remove the TAPE control. Then, thanks few web forums I follow the guidelines and here below it is the result.
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mini CNC project[300×300mm] based on 2020 / 4020 - alum. X-profiles

That is my “redesigned” idea of mini CNC router. All parts where ordered from Aliexpress or Ebay and it was not so much as cost actually.
The project took few months to assemble and to get all parts. The result is quite average but not that bad.
Axis movement is smooth with that rollers, but not very strong in that setup. If you wish to have stronger base, then your design must be with only big V-wheels, made from strong ABS plastic and maybe few of them on each side as the developer from OPEN BUILD make.
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Sunday, 5-January-2020

Atmel ATTiny85 and mini OLED 128*32px i2c how to..


Have you been searching in internet for that particular combination of OLED screen and controller? Yeah, me too.
And I found some solution that work good for me, and if you like to test it hopefully do the same for you.
Before starting my write up, will kindly suggest you to get the following:

TinyWireM - I2C library , best for Attiny85
You can downloaded it here: http://github.com/adafruit/TinyWireM

Tiny4kOLED - one really good I2C OLED library, dedicated to 128*32 - SSD1306 module
You can downloaded it here: https://github.com/datacute/Tiny4kOLED

LCD Image Converter - that is the best converting ALL IN ONE software
I`ve ever found. And will do most of the work for you. All credits goes to it the developer.
You can downloaded it here: https://www.riuson.c … /lcd-image-converter

- inside the file: Tiny4kOLED.h (from Tiny4kOLED library folder) , find that: #include “Tiny4kOLED_TinyWireM.h” It should be unmarked, and all other with “//” in front
- ATTINY85 SDA/SCL pins are : SDA= D0 (pin5) / SCL=D2(pin7)

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