Sunday, 5-January-2020

Atmel ATTiny85 and mini OLED 128*32px i2c how to..



Have you been searching in internet for that particular combination of OLED screen and controller? Yeah, me too.

And I found some solution that work good for me, and if you like to test it hopefully do the same for you.

Before starting my write up, will kindly suggest you to get the following:

TinyWireM - I2C library , best for Attiny85

You can downloaded it here:

Tiny4kOLED - one really good I2C OLED library, dedicated to 128*32 - SSD1306 module

You can downloaded it here:

LCD Image Converter - that is the best converting ALL IN ONE software

I`ve ever found. And will do most of the work for you. All credits goes to it the developer.

You can downloaded it here: https://www.riuson.c … /lcd-image-converter


- inside the file: Tiny4kOLED.h (from Tiny4kOLED library folder) , find that: #include “Tiny4kOLED_TinyWireM.h” It should be unmarked, and all other with “//” in front

- ATTINY85 SDA/SCL pins are : SDA= D0 (pin5) / SCL=D2(pin7)

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