BOOM BOX 2 - custom made Bluetooth Speaker - NEW verson


Somewhere in the list of topics in my website, I already show one self made battery driven Bluetooth Speaker with proper size.

Well, now is the time to to extend that a bit, and the new build use already two batteries, bigger amplifier and bigger speakers.

The amplifier, once again Chinese and use Bluetooth / 3.5mm jack as input source. The difference with previous one is the missing of SD card / USB reader.

The amplifier itself is based on TDA7498E chip and on paper it will be able to output about 150W@4ohm with 36V of power supply. The bridged mode will be of about 200W.. That is quite a lot for such a small foot print chip but let`s see.

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Sunday, 9-October-2022

Sinumerik 840D - extend tool list by parameter


Before you continue or try what is described in this topic, be advised - I`m not held responsible if something goes wrong!

It is fully your choice. And if you have no idea what are you doing, please do not try it.

Have you notice how many tools you can add in the list? In my test it was about 200. Never reach that point but what about looking at few parameters.

Steps are as follow:

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KIA Ceed front breaks replace


Replacing front breaks is not some space science , and same apply also here. Nothing fancy, nothing spacial.

The tools you need are:

- 14mm socket (for the moving hub)

- 17mm socket (caliper`s holder)

- 17mm spanner

- some WD40 , steel brush, impact screw driver, torque wrench, copper grease…

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