DMU50 Blum laser issues


That is topic dedicated to annoying issue with one BLUM laser mounted on DMU50 machine with HEIDENHAIN CNC control.
In short, when the machine start to warm a bit, suddenly the laser stop working. In that state no measuring or in my case tool breakage detect. The device look as:

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Hyndai Santa Fe - Adding Subwoffer


That is the article, where will show how I make some small cable work to install SUBWoofer in that particular Hyndai Santa Fe.
The initial investigation show that it will be easy just to drill one small hole, but more on that a bit later.
There is some junction point right below the fuel filter. There is huge hole that one plastic shield cover and bunch of wires goes out of the cabin. That`s good, but unfortunately there is also a rubber that must be drilled, then there is a change that cable goes quite low..
In other words I skipped the idea. Instead I mage one hole myself.

The start was to make the short lead from battery to the fuse:


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