Sunday, 9-June-2024

Hyundai i40 - headlight LED PCB

There are plenty of videos and tutorial how you can change the headlight PCB of Hyundai i40.
Sure, you start with removing the bumper. Have to be done, because 2 bolts are on top, but other two are exactly behind it.
Then the light pop out and the cut must be made similar to that one:


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Toyota Celica - break replacement

Nothing so much to explain.. It was just straight forward as any other car..

celica1.jpg celica2.jpg celica3.jpg
celica4.jpg celica5.jpg
celica6.jpg celica7.jpg


FM and BT wireless microphone (car ear)

As you probably in some point repair something on your car, you should know how nice is if you can “hear” from where exactly the mechanical noise is coming from. Sure, you can buy cheap stethoscope which look like doctor`s one , or similar with metal small rod connected at the bottom. That is great tool, but unfortunately sometimes you have to investigate the issue when driving.
Sure, there are kits of four wireless units that you can buy, but unless you`re working at some service center or you can spare some 400-600$/£/€ for it, make your decision wisely..
So what was my approach?
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DMU50 Blum laser issues


That is topic dedicated to annoying issue with one BLUM laser mounted on DMU50 machine with HEIDENHAIN CNC control.

In short, when the machine start to warm a bit, suddenly the laser stop working. In that state no measuring or in my case tool breakage detect. The device look as:


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Hyndai Santa Fe - Adding Subwoffer


That is the article, where will show how I make some small cable work to install SUBWoofer in that particular Hyndai Santa Fe.

The initial investigation show that it will be easy just to drill one small hole, but more on that a bit later.

There is some junction point right below the fuel filter. There is huge hole that one plastic shield cover and bunch of wires goes out of the cabin. That`s good, but unfortunately there is also a rubber that must be drilled, then there is a change that cable goes quite low..

In other words I skipped the idea. Instead I mage one hole myself.

The start was to make the short lead from battery to the fuse:


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HP Zbook 15 G1 - bios password remove


There is plenty information over internet explaining how to remove password on some 2013 and over HP notebooks but either do not share all files or say from where to get them. So, will try here to explain how I did it on HP Zbook 15 G1 notebook.

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Mitsubishi M700 and Servo Mitsubishi MDS-D alarm fix


That is topic dedicated to alarms and trouble codes in Mitsubishi M700 control , caused by defective servo module MDS-D and low backup memory battery.

Most of that MDS-D servo units have own backup battery to keep some settings “alive”. But in my case there was common block as that one:


Getting old and bad, the battery cause constant lose of absolute axis points. So, how that can be that issue fixed ans so on please read below :) [Read More…]

Thursday, 3-November-2022

DMU50 with TNC640 - how to configure CELOS timers and counters


Did you have DMG Mori DMU50 machine with HEIDENHAIN TNC640 which also get as addition CELOS system? Yes?!

But have you wonder how to make both timer lines and numbers to start “doing” their magic?

I mean both marked with arrow below:


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BOOM BOX 2 - custom made Bluetooth Speaker - NEW verson


Somewhere in the list of topics in my website, I already show one self made battery driven Bluetooth Speaker with proper size.

Well, now is the time to to extend that a bit, and the new build use already two batteries, bigger amplifier and bigger speakers.

The amplifier, once again Chinese and use Bluetooth / 3.5mm jack as input source. The difference with previous one is the missing of SD card / USB reader.

The amplifier itself is based on TDA7498E chip and on paper it will be able to output about 150W@4ohm with 36V of power supply. The bridged mode will be of about 200W.. That is quite a lot for such a small foot print chip but let`s see.

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Sunday, 9-October-2022

Sinumerik 840D - extend tool list by parameter


Before you continue or try what is described in this topic, be advised - I`m not held responsible if something goes wrong!

It is fully your choice. And if you have no idea what are you doing, please do not try it.

Have you notice how many tools you can add in the list? In my test it was about 200. Never reach that point but what about looking at few parameters.

Steps are as follow:

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