3D printer Anycubic Mega S - some thoughts and mods

I`m one of the many people who bought that new Chinese version of that famous brand.
Right from the box it produce few prints quite well:

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Make Xantia`s Clarion radio bit more modern

Maybe like me, you have seen few articles over the internet that explain similar idea what I have done.
Actually, my base intend was to try to crack (somehow) the CD changer input and to add there Bluetooth / AUX function but after few days it come to my mind: why not try to make it over the TAPE place. And as the rest found you can`t just remove the TAPE control. Then, thanks few web forums I follow the guidelines and here below it is the result.
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mini CNC project[300×300mm] based on 2020 / 4020 - alum. X-profiles

That is my “redesigned” idea of mini CNC router. All parts where ordered from Aliexpress or Ebay and it was not so much as cost actually.
The project took few months to assemble and to get all parts. The result is quite average but not that bad.
Axis movement is smooth with that rollers, but not very strong in that setup. If you wish to have stronger base, then your design must be with only big V-wheels, made from strong ABS plastic and maybe few of them on each side as the developer from OPEN BUILD make.
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Sunday, 5-January-2020

Atmel ATTiny85 and mini OLED 128*32px i2c how to..


Have you been searching in internet for that particular combination of OLED screen and controller? Yeah, me too.
And I found some solution that work good for me, and if you like to test it hopefully do the same for you.
Before starting my write up, will kindly suggest you to get the following:

TinyWireM - I2C library , best for Attiny85
You can downloaded it here:

Tiny4kOLED - one really good I2C OLED library, dedicated to 128*32 - SSD1306 module
You can downloaded it here:

LCD Image Converter - that is the best converting ALL IN ONE software
I`ve ever found. And will do most of the work for you. All credits goes to it the developer.
You can downloaded it here: https://www.riuson.c … /lcd-image-converter

- inside the file: Tiny4kOLED.h (from Tiny4kOLED library folder) , find that: #include “Tiny4kOLED_TinyWireM.h” It should be unmarked, and all other with “//” in front
- ATTINY85 SDA/SCL pins are : SDA= D0 (pin5) / SCL=D2(pin7)

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Sunday, 8-December-2019

Renault Scenic odometer correction - edit 93c56 EEPROM

In that topic will explain how you can edit in case you need your Scenic 2004 odometer.
You can, of course use 3th party service, or some odometer correction software, but if you have some skills, EEPROM programmer and will to play with it, then here is some exercise:


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Peugeot / Citroen USB BOX 9702.EZ - Citroen C5 mk2 guide



Before starting the explanation part, here is some short info: the test subject is Citroen C5 mk2 (facelift) , radio - RD4. AUX and CD changer activated.
Perhaps, in internet you already found many topics how to set up or update that particular stock MP3 reader made for PSA.
How to connect and activate that module via LEXIA should be available online. Here I`ll try to give some collected information about firmware, and some other tips that maybe can be in some help.
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1.9 TDI-AVQ 03G906016BT / Original software and EGR OFF


Here, you can find original VAG 1.9 TDI AVQ engine EEPROM files.

HW: 0281011761
SW: 1037369568
ECU: 03G906016BT

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Bluetooth GPS sender


Here is the story: I use my cellphone as GPS navigation unit most of the time in my car and unfortunately it GPS chip do not get so fast satellite coverage, or either I need to turn on the 4G network on for fast location.
As “bonus” the back of the phone get hot. Also, sometimes due the navigation process and heat from the car vents phone get fast hot and start loose control.
Next, I try to use my old Nokia LD4W Bluetooth unit and via right GPS sender app my android phone start to work better.
After that, seems become dependent of the battery of that Nokia unit so I bought few parts and create “proper” car GPS sender.
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Sunday, 1-September-2019

Citroen C5 II mk2 Air flaps replacement - bad way, but goes..

BG - весия на български тук : http://clubcitroen.b … ic.php?f=179&t=76014

Ok, hello first!
Probably you already have seen many tutorials about that problematic flaps in C5 mk2 / Peugeot 407. In later state PSA decide to replace them with reinforced ones. That`s good. But to remove the old broken ones you have:
option A : remove the whole dashboard, as before that drain the A/C system and some of the engine coolant. or
option B : make the ugly cut and remove them..

First you need the new ones:

flaps_1.jpg flaps_2.jpg
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Saturday, 3-August-2019

CNC DG Mori door interlock contactor problem

In that small article will try to show you something that recently I witness and in case use the same machine to be aware of.
What I talk about? That really complicated door interlock. In the “old” machines that was simple contactor with two signals and one lock acutator. Nothing special.
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