Bluetooth GPS sender


Here is the story: I use my cellphone as GPS navigation unit most of the time in my car and unfortunately it GPS chip do not get so fast satellite coverage, or either I need to turn on the 4G network on for fast location.

As “bonus” the back of the phone get hot. Also, sometimes due the navigation process and heat from the car vents phone get fast hot and start loose control.

Next, I try to use my old Nokia LD4W Bluetooth unit and via right GPS sender app my android phone start to work better.

After that, seems become dependent of the battery of that Nokia unit so I bought few parts and create “proper” car GPS sender.

gps_1.jpg gps_2.jpg gps_3.jpg

Parts in use was:

- 3dB antenna

- GPS Mini NEO-7M / 9600 speed

- Serial HC-06 bluetooth connected RX/TX to it.

- 12-15 to 5v regulator.

Some test board and some 12 plug.. Same idea, better result. And also in that case can place the phone in any place I wish.

Thanks for the attention, if you just read that.